Berries processing

Bertuzzi has optimized the equipment for berries processing used for puree/juice extraction, thermal treatment and refining, in order to maximize the yield and the organoleptic properties (colour, taste aroma, etc.) of the final products.


Our vibro-screener guarantees very delicate and precise washing
Cherries are automatically washed inside our vibro-screener

Juice extraction and clarification

Internal view of the Bertuzzi Chopper model 6
Super depulper
SuperBiCreamer double-stage refiner
Vacuum filter

Juice concentration

a two effects rising film plate evaporator model FlashTerm processing fruit juices

Juice sterilization and aseptic filling

Berry juice or puree, natural or concentrated, can be sterilizied or pasteurized depending by the specific request of the application. Berry puree can be sterilized by a tube-in-tube heat exchanger while berry juice by plate heat exchanger.

Once sterilized the product can be filled in aseptic bag in drums or in box thanks to Bertuzzi Aseptic Fillers.

Plate sterilizer SterilFlash
Our aseptic filler Aseptica Prima is suited for filling bags-in-drums, bags-in-boxes. the unit is integrated with Aseptic Tank.
Aseptic filler Aseptica Prima during operation
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Aseptic filling in bottles with third party machine

Jam and fruit bases

Over juice, berries can be processed in jam and fruit bases for yogurt, bakery, confectionery and ice cream. Jam production Fruit bases for yogurt, bakery and ice creams

Cleaning of the plant

All Bertuzzi lines are designed according to the international food grade requirements and to be fully cleanable by exploiting integrated cleaning procedures and systems or centralized and fully automatic CIP system. The Bertuzzi CipMatic is specifically designed to guarantee a perfect and efficent CIP of the fruit processing plants.

The CipMatic model 3.000/2 ready for shipment
a Bertuzzi CipMatic 3.000/3 installed in a juice and milk reconstitution line