Enzymatic Deactivators, Pasteurizers and Sterilizers

Bertuzzi can supply a very wide range of thermal treatment, with all type of heat exchangers to match the characteristics of the product to be processed and to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the fresh raw material.

General Overview

Bertuzzi design and supply complete skid mounted thermal treatment groups designed for the Sterilization, Pasteurization or Enzymatic Deactivation for all variety of juices, purees, concentrates and, in general, for all kind of alimentary product.
All the units are skid mounted in order to make easier the installation on side. The machines need only to be connected to the utilities (steam, condensate, compressed air, cooling water) and to the product. The frames are designed for open top container without additional packaging.

The heat exchangers technology is selected to match the physical and chemical characteristics of the product to be processed. The typology of heat exchangers that Bertuzzi can propose in its industrial plants are:

If required by the characteristics of the product or by the application, the thermal treatments groups can be integrated with Deaerator and High Pressure Homogenizer.

All Bertuzzi sterilizer are designed to be connected to Aseptic Fillers for aseptic bags, aseptic packaging machines (aseptic carton box or similar) or Aseptic Tank.

All Bertuzzi pasteurizers can be connected to all kind of hot filling machines, cold filling machines or drum fillers.

An integrated group with deaerator

Tubular Sterilizers / Pasteurizers (tube in tube or tube nest)

The tubular treatment groups are designed to sterilize or pasteurize juices, purees or concentrates, with high fibre and solid contents or with high viscosity.

Aseptic line: integrated tube in tube sterilizer model STTC (left) and Aseptic filler Aseptica Magna (right)
Tube in tube UHT Sterilizer for fruit puree, juices and milk
Integrated sterilizer with dearator
Tube-in-tube heat exchanger is employed for sterilization
A tubular cooker under testing in Bertuzzi facility
Tube-in-tube sterilizer model STTC

Bertuzzi can supply a wide range of tubular thermal treatment to match the characteristics of the product to be treated.

Tube in tube heat exchangers model TT
Tube nest heat exchangers model PS
Dimple tube heat exchangers model DT

Plates Sterilizers / Pasteurizers

The plate treatment groups are designed to sterilize or pasteurize juices and concentrates, without high fibre and with low viscosity. These units, thanks to a very short residence time, are suggested to process thermal sensitive products.

Integrated treatment for the pasteurization and cooling of passion fruit juice and concentrate
Plate cooler
Integrated treatment group

Scraped surface Enzymatic Deactivators / Pasteurizers / Sterilizers

the scraped surface treatment groups alow a fast heating/cooling keeping the product in conctantly in turbolence. this units are suggested with thermal sensitive and viscous products and can be used also with high solid content.

Scraped surfaces Enzymatic Deactivator installed on a Banana Plant in Kenya
Scraped surface heat exchanger
Scraped surface sterilizer group (version with vertical heater)

Direct Steam Injection Sterilizers

Normally exploited for low acid product sterilization.

Direct heating injection system

Other Enzymatic Deactivators / Cookers / Thermal treatment groups

Hot and Cold Break system
A tubular cooker model CTTP (right) installed in a stone fruit processing plant
The Thermobreak cooker is used for enzymatic treatment


Available for viscous and non viscous products, it can be integrated in the thermal treatment groups. It is used for the reduction of air incorporated in the single strenght juices and purees, by nebulization under vacuum, in order to avoid oxidation.
Bertuzzii model is complete with integrated condenses recovery: the aromatic steams are condensed and newly incorporated in the product.

Plate sterilizer Streriflash with integrated deaerator with aromatic condense recovery and aroma recovery unit ARU
Deaerator with aromatic condense recovery with aroma recovery
Deaerator with aromatic condense recovery


The homogenizer is used to micronize the particles of the product, thus ameliorating its mixing and stability; in other words, it makes the product "homogeneous"!.
It is used in all fields where perfect emulsions, a high degree of suspension and dispersion and micronized particles perfectly stable and uniform are needed.
By means of a combined treatment of high pressure, lamination and abrasion, this unit realizes an efficient homogenization of juices, nectars, cremogenates, baby-foods, aromatic bases and much more.

A complete integrated group including pasteurizer, deaerator and high pressure homogenizer specifically designed for ketchup
Dispersor High Pressure Homogenizer