Jam production

If a small-sized jam production line with a capacity of 30 kg/h or an industrial jam processing line, Bertuzzi will find the right answer to your needs.

From fresh fruit or from puree?

Jam is most usually produced starting from frozen or aseptically filled fruit puree. However, Bertuzzi can also offer complete plants for producing jam starting directly from almost any type of fresh fruit (apricots, peaches, plums, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, oranges and more). Further information about fruit washing and fruit puree production can be found in the pages dedicated to the specific fruits, see our homepage.

Receiving of cherries in a jam processing plant
Sorting and washing

Industrial Jam preparation lines

Fruit puree and sugar are dosed on scales or loading cells, they're mixed together and processed by our cooker and vacuum evaporator. This unit is suitable to produce jams, but also sauces and seasonings and it is available in different capacities, from 100 to 2.000 kg/batch.

Complete Jam production plant
Vacuum pan

Small and compact Jam preparation lines

For small production of Jam, Bertuzzi developed the Pomona 50, a compact multifunctional unit that collect in one unit the three phases of the jam and sauces production:

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The Multifunctional Bench Pomona 50: the best solution for a complete and automatic jam and confiture production.
The Pomona 50 during FAT in Bertuzzi Facility

Filling and pasteurization

In case of the request for a turnkey jam production line, we can easily integrate the suitable jam filling line e.g. into glass jars. Depending on the capacity, customized solutions will be found to meet exactly the requirements.

A fully automated filling line, consisting of a filler, a capper and a labeler. It has a capacity of approximately 1000 jars per hour
An essential semi-automated filling line, consisting of a filling machine (right) and a capping machine (left). It allows to process around 100 jars per hour
Batch pasteurizer