Pomona 50

The Bertuzzi Compact Multi-functional Bench model Pomona 50 is the ultimate solution for small production of jams, comfitures and sauces.

General Information

The Compact Multi-functional Bench model Pomona 50, a very efficient integrated group useful for the preparation of jams, comfitures, sauces, will treat the pulp/puree in three sections and suitable for the operations of:

The compact multifunctional bench Pomona 50 is not only a Jam or Composte preparation unit, but a full flexible solution for a very wide range of products
The Multifunctional Bench Pomona 50: the best solution for a complete and automatic jam and confiture production.
the Cooking Pan of the Pomona 50, the heart of the unit
the high precisione dosing system of the Pomona 50

Technical Information

The Compact Multi-functional bench model Pomona 50 is composed by three sections and suitable for the operations of cooking, dosing and pasteurization of glass jars and other containers. the three operations/sections, compacted in a single unit, are:

The Pomona 50 in production
the Jam ready for filling in the Pomona 50
the cooking pan cover of the Pomona 50 automatically open to simplify the cleaning and the operations
the Pomona 50 with its three key sections/operations