Juice reconstitution / UHT milk recombination

A large part of processed fruit is transformed into concentrated juice, that is then reconstituted into the final juice or nectar. Bertuzzi offers complete reconstitution lines for all types of fruit juice, with very economic solutions according to the required capacity.

Dosing and mixing

The reconstitution process consists of mixing concentrated juice with previously prepared sugar syrup. Bertuzzi offers syrup preparation lines for a wide range of capacities. The ready prepared syrup is pasteurized and kept in a storage tank, for being then transferred to the dosing and mixing line in the required quantity.
For smaller capacity we offer solutions for integrating the syrup preparation line into the core mixing process, in order to reduce the investment.

Sugar is fed to a Bermatic dosing and mixing tank (left) for the preparation of sugar syrup
Dosing and mixing tanks

Homogenization and dearation

In order to increase the product shelflife, we recommend to deaerate the juice. Upon request the dearator can be fitted with aroma recovery.

Dispersor High Pressure Homogenizer
Deaerator with aromatic condense recovery

Pateurization / sterilization and filling

Pasteurizer ThermoFlash and sterilizer SterilFlash allow to treat juices and nectars to be hot-filled into glass bottles or gable-top cartons, etc. or to be cold-filled into aseptic cartons.

Tube in tube UHT Sterilizer for fruit puree, juices and milk

Cleaning of the plant

All Bertuzzi lines are designed according to the international food grade requirements and to be fully cleanable by exploiting integrated cleaning procedures and systems or centralized and fully automatic CIP system. The Bertuzzi CipMatic is specifically designed to guarantee a perfect and efficent CIP of the fruit processing plants.

a CipMatic 1.500/3 installed on a fresh fruit processing line
The CipMatic 3.000/3 during the operation test in Bertuzzi site