Ketchup Production Lines

Bertuzzi supplies performing and reliable ketchup and vegetable sauces production lines according to the most advanced technology and designed to meet the most stringent hygienic international requirements and to be extremely flexible being able to process various recipes: with or without thickeners, with or without vegetable particles, with or without preservatives, filling at cold or hot temperature, etc.

Ingredients preparation

Depending by the capacity of the plant and on the recipe requested by the customer, different ingredient preparation groups can be foreseen to allow automatic (or semiautomatic) dosing and loading into the blending section. These groups can be:

A dedicated room for the loading of salt, sugar and starch that will be sent to the dedicated preparation groups.
Dosing system for fruit purees.
A vegetables rehydration, pasteurization and dosing group for the preparation of vegetable pieces to be added in the finished product
A syrup pasteurizer to reduce bacterial load in the syrup.
an automatic tomato paste in drum unloading system to be considered in case of high capacity plant
An automatic dosing system for powdered ingredients

Blending section

Bertuzzi foresees a very efficient blending system based on special horizontal mixing tanks. In order to shorter the batch time, the system can be designed to receive all the prepared ingredients simultaneously thanks to an advanced dosing system automatically controlled by the general control panel of the line. This allow to have high performances with high reliability on the recipes.

The horizontal blending action allow a better and homogeneous mixing of all ingredients
The system is fully automatized to guarantee the highest flexibility and reliability on recipes

Deaeration, homogenization and pasteurization

The blended ketchup (or vegetable sauce) ready to be pasteurized is delivered to fully integrated system that allow the following phases:

A complete integrated group including pasteurizer, deaerator and high pressure homogenizer specifically designed for ketchup
A high capacity pasteurizer for ketchup

Sauces with dices

for the production of dices Bertuzzi can supply the Cubomatic, a dicing machine with high capacity designed to peel and dice tomatoes in one only operation. It can produce tomato dices with size 14, 16 or 18 mm.

Cubomatic dicer

Cleaning of the plant

All Bertuzzi lines are designed according to the international food grade requirements and to be fully cleanable by exploiting integrated cleaning procedures and systems or centralized and fully automatic CIP system. The Bertuzzi CipMatic is specifically designed to guarantee a perfect and efficent CIP of the fruit processing plants.

The huge distribution system of Bertuzzi CipMatic 10.000/6x5
a Bertuzzi CipMatic 3.000/3 installed in a juice and milk reconstitution line