Carrot processing

Carrot is recorded as being used in medicine by the early Greeks and has been cherished ever since. Its juice is one of the most delicious and healthful, and alone or in combination it should be part of every daily diet due to the essential vitamin A.
Due to its updated and careful processing technology Bertuzzi has supplied carrot processing machinery, equipment and complete processing lines in many countries of the world. The possible final products are puree, concentrated juice, baby foods and natural fresh juice.

Washing, peeling and sorting

Carrots are fed to the plant in cases, bins, bags or in bulk. A comprehensive washing is essential, as large quantities of mud and stones may be transported together with the product.

Receiving at the plant
After being washed, carrots are peeled by steam (tall machine on the right) and then brushed (two machines in series)
Sorting line. This carrot processing plant is located in China and it's able to process up to 10 tons of carrots per hour

Chopping and cooking

The washed and peeled carrots are chopped before going to the treatment line. The chopping dimensions depend on the required extraction (puree or pressed juice). The chopped carrots are heated in a tubular cooker to soften the fibers and to get consequently the maximum juice yield.

A tubular cooker under testing in Bertuzzi facility

Carrot juice: extraction

Belt press allows to recover up to 75% of juice with a single pressing or more than 85% with a double pressing.

Belt press for the juice extraction
The waste of the belt press
Carrot juice coming from the press
Plate centrifuge

Carrot juice: concetration

Optionally, juice can be concentrated. Our plate evaporator model Fleshterm is particularly suitable for the production of concentrated carrot juices up to the Brix values required by the market.

a two effects rising film plate evaporator model FlashTerm processing fruit juices

Carrot puree: refining

We offer different machines for the refining of carrot purees. Depending on the requirements the process can take place either in one or two stages.

Two TurboMax pulpers under assembling

Sterilization and aseptic filling

Carrot juice and puree, natural or concentrated, can be sterilizied or pasteurized depending by the specific request of the application. Carrot puree can be sterilized by a tube-in-tube heat exchanger while carrot juice by plate heat exchanger.

Once sterilized the product can be filled in aseptic bag in drums or in box thanks to Bertuzzi Aseptic Fillers.

Sterilflash plate sterilizer is the best choice for low viscosity juices
Tube-in-tube sterilizer
Aseptic filler Aseptica Gemina during precommissioning
Aseptic filler Aseptica Prima during operation
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Cleaning of the plant

All Bertuzzi lines are designed according to the international food grade requirements and to be fully cleanable by exploiting integrated cleaning procedures and systems or centralized and fully automatic CIP system. The Bertuzzi CipMatic is specifically designed to guarantee a perfect and efficent CIP of the fruit processing plants.

The CipMatic 3.000/3 during the operation test in Bertuzzi site
a CipMatic 1.500/3 installed on a fresh fruit processing line