The Pinetronic is a unique extraction unit, suitable for round and ripe pineapples, able to extract the high quality juice in hygienic conditions, as the juice and the pulp have an extremely low contact to the peel.

Process description

The machine cuts the fruit in two halves, squeezes and scrapes the pulp adherent to the peel, eliminates the peel thus obtaining a high quality pulpy juice, in high hygienic conditions.
The fruits are conveyed to the loading hopper and are led to the centring group which pushes them against the rotating blade thus obtaining a diametrical cut. The half fruits fall between the two special extraction rollers and are driven against a refining grid.
The peels are then taken by a third toothed roller which, thanks to a special scraping blade, removes all pulp still adherent to the peel.
The Pinetronic allows various settings to match the characteristics of the fruit:

A multifruit processing line with CitroEvolution3 for the orange and lemon juice extraction andPinetronic 1SS for pineapple juice extraction
Pineapples are fed to a Pinetronic juice extractor
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Pineapple juice extractors model Pinetronic
A plant with both Pinetronic 1SS and 2SS

Technical features

The unit is composed by:

The Pinetronic is available in two model, the Pinetronic 1SS with one feeding channel and the Pinetronic 2SS with two feeding channel:

Model Capacity (fruit inlet) Electric consumption
Pinetronic 1SS up to 2.500 kg/h 6,05 kW
Pinetronic 2SS up to 5.000 kg/h 15,55 kW
Pineapple peels from Pinetronic
A view of the Pinetronic 2SS feeding system
A pineapple entering in the Pinetronic 1SS
Pineapple are fed continuously in the Pinetronic 2SS
A pineapple during the cutting at the entrance of the Pinetronic
The feeding system of the Pinetronic 1SS and 2SS

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