Concentration technology

Bertuzzi supplies a wide range of evaporators specifically designed to process fruit juices and fruit purees for the production of high quality concentrate matching the highest requirements of the international market
The Evaporator model Frumaco 4E5S/20.000 installed for the concentration of apricot puree

General Overview

Depending on the characteristics of the juice or puree (variety, viscosity, solid contents, thermal sensibility) to be concentrated, Bertuzzi produce different model of continuous evaporators:

All the Bertuzzi evaporators are fully customized to produce high quality concentrate matching the most stringent requirements of the international market.

A two effects Frumaco / Tomatech evaporator
Three effect rising film plate evaporator model FlashTerm
Thin-film continuous evaporator model Luber

Frumaco / Tomatech

Bertuzzi forced circulation evaporator, with tube-nest exchangers, model Frumaco designed specifically to concentrate viscous products like mango, apricot or apple purees. For the production of tomato paste Bertuzzi designed a dedicated forced circulation evaporator model Tomatech.

As the plant is working under vacuum conditions, the boiling temperature is very low and the stress of the product is reduced to a minimum. Low boiling temperature also means low fouling of the heat exchange surfaces.

The separators of the four effects/five stage Frumaco evaporator installed in a 42 t/h apricot concentrated puree line
A screenshot of the application for plant supervision, displaying the three effects evaporator
Three effects forced circulation evaporator model Frumaco
A Frumaco / Tomatech evaporator with its cooling towers
A single effect Frumaco / Tomatech evaporator
Frumaco evaporator installed in Algeria


The Flashterm rising film plate evaporator is dedicated to the concentration of fruit juices with low solid content like pomegranate, pineapple, passion fruit or apple juices.

Main features of the Bertuzzi Flashterm are:

Three effects rising film plate evaporator model FlashTerm installed for the concentration of pineapple juice
a two effects rising film plate evaporator model FlashTerm processing fruit juices
Three effects FlashTerm evaporator in Bertuzzi facility during FAT
Two effects FlashTerm evaporator in Bertuzzi facility during FAT
Three effects FlashTerm evaporator in Bertuzzi facility during FAT
An evaporator model Flashterm installed in a pomegranate processing line


The Luber is a simple effect evaporator, thin film scraped Surface type, designed to concentrate in a single fast passage either thermo-sensitive liquid products or viscous products.

The juice is fed to the upper part of the evaporator, towards a centrifugal distributor, that is designed to spread the juice over the cylindrical inner surface of the evaporator.
By gravity, the film falls in spiral form toward the lower part of the evaporation cylinder while the vapours are collected in the centre of the evaporator.
When reaching the bottom cone, the juice is in-one-passage concentrated to the required degree in a very short time.

Due the capability to concentrate even viscous liquids it is also used as finisher for pre-concentrated products.

A Luber evaporator installed on a passion fruit processing line
A thin film scraped surfaceLuber evaporator installed on a mango puree processing line
The Luber evaporator perfectly working on an acerola processing line
Thin thin film scraped surface evaporator model Luber
Bertuzzi Luber pilot unit on skid assembled before shipping

ARU: Aroma Recovery Unit

All the evaporator can be integrated with a the ARU. The aroma can be filled in dedicated container or jar or automatically reinjected into the concentrate.

Bertuzzi ARU installed in a Luber
Frumaco with Aroma Recovery Unit ARU
Aroma Recovery Unit