General information

The CitroEvolution3 has been designed to process citrus fruits with a diameter between 45-50 and 85-90 mm (between 1,8"-2" and 3,4"-3,6") with strong peels: juice extraction is obtained from the centre of the fruit by means of centripetal compression carried out by suitable penetrating star-shaped cups.
The fruit is perforated and compressed in a juice squeezing and refining cylinder, with peel separation.

Our industrial citrus juicer CitroEvolution3. It has a capacity of 15000 fruits per hour
Inside industrial citrus juicer CitroEvolution3 oranges are squeezed individually
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Process Description

The proposed unit is designed to process 15.000 citrus fruit per hour (approx. 1.500 kg/h depending by the fruit characteristics) to produce single strength top quality juice.
Citrus are feed to the CitroEvolution3 by a dedicated belt conveyor especially designed to feed homogeneously the three feeding channel of the CitroEvolution3 as well as to eventually distribute citrus homogeneously to different CitroEvolution3 placed in series.
Citrus into the three feeding channels are moved to the extraction cups with a vibration system and then with a rotating feeder.
The movement of the extraction cup can be summarized in 4 phases:

Three cup for a high quality juice extraction
Orange peel after the extraction with CitroEvolution3

Main features of the CitroEvolution3

The CitroEvolution3 is specifically designed to match the following features:

CitroEvolution3 is composed by the following main components:

Technical information

In the next table are summarized the main technical information about CitroEvolution3:

  Measurement Unit Technical Info
Electrical Consumption kW 5,5
Max Speed cycle/min 85
Length (P) mm 910
Width (L) mm 1310
Height (H) mm 2130
weight kg 685
Min diameter of Citrus mm 45
Max diameter of Citrus mm 100
A multifruit processing line with CitroEvolution3 for the orange and lemon juice extraction andPinetronic 1SS for pineapple juice extraction
Two CitroEvolution3 installed with one Helicoidal Extractor model Super ESS for a fine depulping

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