Avocado processing

Complete plants for washing, destoning and refining of puree for oil extraction.


Avocadoes are received in the Bertuzzi washer InoxAll where, by immersion in the water and thanks to a Jet System, the surface of the fruits is washed. Fruits are then rinsed by a shower of fresh water on the elevator that takes the fruits to the subsequent sorting operations.

Washing basin InoxAll
General view of our Avocado processing group

Destoning and refining

Bertuzzi Avocado Destoners (Super Avocado Destoner and Jumbo Avocado Destoner) have been especially designed to automatically destone and partially peel fresh Avocados: by precisely separating stones and peels (up to 75/85%) from pulp, they allow to maximize both the yield and the quality of the final product.
The unrefined Avocado pulp can be sent to an Oil Extraction Line or to sent the Bertuzzi single stage pulper *Creamer (SuperCreamer or JumboCreamer, depending on the capacity), which refines the puree to the required level, while ensuring low degree of air absorption and therefore low oxidation. If required, the oxidation can be reduced using a nitrogen blanket during refining.

the Bertuzzi JumboDestoner for the efficient separation of stones from fruits with large stones and strong peel (like mango or avocado)
The Bertuzzi SuperDestoner
Two JumboCreamer's
A complete group with Washer InoxAll and SuperDestoner for Avocado puree extraction
The Bertuzzi JumboCreamer for puree refining
A Bertuzzi JumboAvocadoDestoner during installation