PassyPress & SuperPassyPress

Unique extraction machine, the PassyPress and the SuperPassyPress have been designed and optimized to process passion fruits (also called maracuja) in order to maximize the yield and quality of the juice. In fact the juice maintains its light colour even when processing the highly pigmented variety of fruits (purple or red passion fruit).

Process description

The unit squeezes the fruits between two drums: one in stainless steel with a special shape and the second in food grade rubber. An upper pushing device help the fruit to enter between the rollers.
The passage in between the rollers causes the breakage of the peel allowing out-coming of seeds and juice which can easily flow through a squeezing grill.
in the SuperPassyPress models, the peels are fed to the dedicated peel shaker to recover the potential residual juice.

Our dedicated extractor Superpassy, at the first floor of the structure, feeds by gravity two SuperCreamer refiners placed below, at ground floor
Superpassy at work
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Dedicated extractor Superpassy, with a capacity of 2500 kg/h

Technical features

The machines are mainly composed by:

The PassyPress and the SuperPassyPress are available with the following models:

Model Capacity (fruit inlet) electrical consumption
PassyPress 300 1.000 kg/h 1.60 kW
SuperPassyPress 600 2.500 kg/h 6,20 kW
SuperPassyPress 1250 5.000 kg/h 7,70 kW
What remains after pulp has been precisely extracted by Superpassy
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Peels and seeds after being precisely separated from pulp by Superpassy
Passion fruit peel, after pulp and seeds have been precisely extracted by Superpassy
Inside view of the peel shacker on a SuperPassyPress
the side view of the SuperPassyPress 1250
the SuperPassyPress 600 ready for shipment
the PassyPress 300 feeding system
the PassyPress 300 from the side
the internal compnents of the peel shacker of the SuperPassyPress 600