CALIFORNIA: the dicing machine

In a fast-moving world where time is rare, people are more and more demanding ready-prepared foodstuff. Nevertheless, the conscience for healthy food is rising and customers increasingly look for the combination of both.
If potato dices, cucumber slices, french fries, freshly packed fruit pieces or complete salads are the final product, Bertuzzi CALIFORNIA is an almost endlessly flexible cutting machine and is successfully serving large and medium-size food processors throughout the world.
The Bertuzzi California


The Bertuzzi CALIFORNIA has been designed for the processing of products with medium consistency such as:

The machine can be transformed for performing the following operations:

the Bertuzzi CALIFORNIA in operation with different products
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the Bertuzzi CALIFORNIA

Technical description

the standard setup of the unit is for dicing. For this operation the machine works with all its devices:

Normally supplied for performing 10 mm cut size, upon request are available other devices for dices with the following sizes: 3,5 – 7 – 13 – 16 – 19 mm
The unit always operates regularly without causing chippings during the cutting process, with a capacity from 500 to 5.000 kg/h, according to the type and size of product to be treated.

The CALIFORNIA dicer version is equipped with:

The CALIFORNIA cutting system
A detail of the CALIFORNIA cutting system