Passion fruit processing

The name of this fruit already releases a certain part of its exotic characteristics. Passion fruit juice is used as superior ingredient in rather small amounts for a large number of products such as mixed juices and tropical cocktails.
In order to maximize yield and product quality, Bertuzzi has developed dedicated machines for juice extraction and very accurate processes for juice treatment.

Washing and sorting

Fresh passion fruits are typically received in cases and poured into our washing basin InoxAll. For a perfect washing of the fruits we advise the installation of a brushing machine.

Washing basin InoxAll
Sorting station Selinox. This plant is located in Vietnam and it has a capacity of 5 tons per hour
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Our latest model of brushing machine
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Juice extraction

Passypress and Superpassy are our dedicated machines for passionfruit pulp extraction, with a capacity ranging from 800 to 4500 kg/h. They separates peel from pulp by making the fruits "explode". Both machines are suitable for the small purple variety as well as the larger yellow variety.
In order to remove seeds and refine the juice, we offer our refiners SuperCreamer and JumboCreamer with the specifically required sieve types. A centrifuge can be used to further reduce the pulp content and eliminate the starch.

Our dedicated extractor Superpassy, at the first floor of the structure, feeds by gravity two SuperCreamer refiners placed below, at ground floor
Dedicated extractor Superpassy, with a capacity of 2500 kg/h
Superpassy at work
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What remains after pulp has been precisely extracted by Superpassy
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SuperCreamer refiners
Seeds are separated from juice by our refiner Supercreamer
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Juice concentration

Plate evaporator Fleshterm allows to concentrate low viscosity juices by preserving their organoleptic properties. According to the requirements, the evaporator can be equipped with an aroma recovery unit.

Two effects plate evaporator Flashterm
Our unit for aroma recovery

Thermal treatment and filling

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Integrated treatment group
Our aseptic filler Aseptica Prima is suited for filling bags-in-drums, bags-in-boxes. the unit is integrated with Aseptic Tank.
Aseptic filler Aseptica Prima
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