Longan and lychee processing

Washing and brushing

Fruits are perfectly cleaned in order to be processed.

Washing basin InoxAll
From the top: washing basin InoxAll, sorting station Selinox and brushing machine. This plant is located in Kenya and it has a capacity of 5 tons per hour


The chopper allows to reduce in pieces the whole fruit. During chopping an acidifying solution, prepared in a dedicated dosing group, is added to reduce the oxidation of the fruits. Mashed fruits are sent to the belt press for juice extraction.

Belt press

Clarification / ultrafiltration

Obtained juice is fed to the plate pre-heater/cooler to treat the product to the optimal temperature for the following clarification treatment where enzymes and chemicals are added to facilitate the separation. Upon completion of the clarification treatment the juice is sent to the Ultra-filtration plant for its final clarification.

ThermoFlash plate pre-heater/pasteurizer/cooler
Ultra-filtration line


Clear juice is usually concentrated in the dedicated evaporator and subsequently sterilized and filled in aseptic.

Sterilflash plate sterilizer is the best choice for low viscosity juices
Our aseptic filler Prima is suited for filling bags-in-drums, bags-in-boxes and totes