Dates processing

Date syrup can be considered one of the most innovative and attractive by-products in date processing. Especially in the Middle East and in the North African countries, date syrup is used as a substitute for honey or other similar sweeteners, as well as in confectionary and drinks. Bertuzzi date processing machinery is designed for producing syrup either from fresh or dried dates.

Soaking, pitting and pulping

In the soaking tanks, equipped with stirrer and outfeed screw, the dates are re-hydrated.
Depending on the required capacity, the de-soaked dates are sent either to our stoning machine SuperCreamer or JumboCreamer, guaranteeing a clean separation of stones from pulp and syrup.

Top view of four soaking tanks in a dates processing plant we've installed in Lybia
Bottom view of the tanks
JumboCreamer stoner
SuperBiCreamer double-stage refiner

Syrup filtration

Before the product is filtered, we pasteurize it in our plate heat exchanger ThermoFlash. The unit is manufactured in several sizes and can be mounted on skid. The date syrup is clarified by vacuum rotating filters with Kieselguhr pre-coat. As alternative to the vacuum filter ultrafiltration can be used.

ThermoFlash plate pre-heater/pasteurizer/cooler
Two vacuum filters
Ultra-filtration line

Syrup concentration

Optionally, syrup can be concentrated. Our three effects plate evaporator Flashterm is suitable to concentrate date syrup from 18 to 72° Brix.

Two effects plate evaporator Flashterm
Plate cooler

Aseptic and non aseptic filling

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Our aseptic filler Aseptica Prima is suited for filling bags-in-drums, bags-in-boxes. the unit is integrated with Aseptic Tank.
Aseptic filler Aseptica Prima
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Drum filler