We are very pleased to announce that Bertuzzi has supplied and succesfully commissioned a new pomegranate juice production plant supplied to Prigat, the leading fruit beverage brand in Israel, with an history of success of almost 70 years and belonging to the Coca Cola Group.

The new plant, having a capacity of 5 tons/h, has been designed exploiting the extensive experience and know-how in the pomegranate processing developped by Bertuzzi since 50 years.

The top quality of the juice is assured by the dedicated extraction machines, MEGRA and MEMBRANE PRESS.


We are very pleased to announce that we have recently sold 5 of our new revolutionary citrus juice extraction machine Citroevolution3 to customers located in Europe and North and Central America.

The new Citroevolution developped jointly by the R&D departements of Mazzoni (our mother company) and Bertuzzi comparing to the previous model "Cistrostar" is a totally new machine with the following proved advantages:

          - enhanced capacity/productivity: the speed has been increased up to 80/90 strikes per minute     

              corresponding to about 15.000 fruits per hour;

  • - easier operation: no more water is needed for lubrication;  
  • - enhanced reliability: the mechanical design of the machine has been totally reviewed to allow 24/24  h per 365 days operation. The cam of the Citrostar has been replaced by a new system which allow to strongly reduce noise and increase the reliability;
  • - enhanced compactness: 30% smaller comparing to the Citrostar. The dimensions of the Citroevolution are: 910x1300x2200

ll the above keeping the extraction principle based on the shutter to obtain a top quality juice.


Commissioning of the complete plant for the production of vegetable sauces and ketchup supplied to N

We are very pleased to announce that the complete plant for the production of vegetable sauces and ketchup supplied to Nefis Group Russia, operating in the food, detergent, soap and oleochemical industries, has been sucessfully commissioned.

The plant has an overall capacity of 13.000 kg/hour and is composed by three lines, two of which 5.000 Kg/hour capacity and one of 3.000 kg/hour, and it includes ketchup ingredients preparation, mixing, homogenization and pasteurization units. The plant has been completed with a C.I.P. line.
The ketchup plant has been designed in order to foresee a future expansion with the installation of a further line of 5.000 kg/hour.


As a further proof of the validity of the technology developped by Bertuzzi, we are very pleased to annouce that the 4th bases for yoghurt production plant has been delivered to a client located in Asia. The plant is expected to be in operation within year end/January 2013.

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