Citrus processing

Bertuzzi designs and manufactures citrus processing equipment for the production of high quality fresh juice, as well as NFC pasteurized juice, FCOJ and essential oil. We can supply complete citrus processing plants on turnkey basis as well as single machines to meet specific requirements.

Washing and sorting

Fruits are received in a basin filled with water and they're rinsed by a shower of fresh water on the escalator that takes to the subsequent sorting operations. In order to guarantee the best quality of the final products, rotten and unripe fruits must be discarded. Our universal sorting line Selinox allows to efficiently inspect the fruits, by making them slowly rotate on a roller belt conveyor under the sight of the operators.
If essential oil has to be extracted from peels, it is advisable to intensively clean the fruits with a brushing machine right after the sorting operation.

In medium and large-sized plants oranges are typically received in a concrete basin. This orange processing plant has been installed in Israel
Sorting station Selinox. This orange juice processing plant, that we've installed in China, has a capacity of 40000 oranges per hour
After sorting, oranges undergo a final cleaning in our brushing machine

Essential oil extraction

For the extraction of essential oils from whole citrus fruits, Bertuzzi has designed CitroRap, which scrapes the peel by rotating rollers. Designed in several versions for different hourly capacities, CitroRap allows to optimize the oil extraction cycles by varying the fruit advancing speed, as well as the rollers rotation speed.

Our machine for citrus oil extraction, CitroRap
Inside CitroRap high speed rotating drums scrape the oranges

Juice extraction

Bertuzzi provides two different models of industrial citrus juicers, one best fitted for the production of high quality fresh juice and the other best fitted for the production of juice to be concentrated.

The extractor that is most preferred for the production of high quality juice is CitroEvolution3. In order to minimize any contact between pulp and peels, this machine presses each fruit individually between two cups, squeezing the pulp out of a small hole pierced on its bottom side. The same machine refines the pulp coming from the fruits in order to remove seeds and reduce its high fiber content. CitroEvolution3 is capable of processing up to 15000 fruits per hour and it is suitable for oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, lemons and almost any kind of citrus.

On the other hand, our roller juicer CitroTal is best suited for the production of juice to be concentrated. It can process any kind of citrus fruits without grading (calibrating) and it features a very high productivity. In order to prevent the essential oils contained in the peels (and any chemicals that have been possibly absorbed) to get into the juice, it is highly recommended to throughly scrapes the peels with CitroRap before feeding them to CitroTal.

Our industrial citrus juicer CitroEvolution3. It has a capacity of 15000 fruits per hour
Inside industrial citrus juicer CitroEvolution3 oranges are squeezed individually
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Industrial citrus juicer CitroTal (the big machine at the center of the image) and three CitroStar extractors (the successful predecessor of CitroEvolution3)
Inside CitroTal, oranges are pressed altogether by rotating drums

Juice refining

Citrus juice coming from the extractors can be depulped in order to meet customers' requirements for pulp content. Our helicoidal depulpers model ESM and Super have been designed especially to refine citrus juice. They take the high-pulpy juice coming from the extractors and progressively squeeze the pulp, outputting low-pulpy juice.

Super helicoidal extractor
ESM depulper
Inside Super helicoidal extractor
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Juice concentration

Optionally, juice can be concentrated. Our rising film plate evaporators ensure low retention time and low temperatures, in order to preserve the organoleptic properties of the juice. The aromatic vapors can be condensed and newly incorporated directly into the product by means of an aroma recovery unit.

Plate Evaporator Flashterm 3E
Our unit for aroma recovery

Juice thermal treatment and filling

Depending on the final product, juice can be refrigerated, pasteurized or sterilized. Thermal treatment can be carried out either by a tube in tube heat exchanger or a plate heat exchanger, depending on the operation parameters.
Our filling units are designed for bag-in-drum and bag-in-box aseptic filling, as well as for the regular filling of juice to be frozen. We also supply third-party filling equipment for bottling fresh juice straight into consumer bottles and pouches.

Aseptic line: integrated treatment group (left) and aseptic filler Aseptica Magna (right)
Aseptic filler Aseptica Prima
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Orange pulp to be frozen

Marmalade and fruit bases

Over juice, citrus can be processed also for the production of marmalade and fruit bases for yogurt and bakery. Marmalade Fruit bases

Example: pasteurized orange juice processing plant

High quality NFC (Not From Concentrate) pasteurized orange juice can be produced in small-sized processing plants, with low investment costs. A depulper can be optionally added to the processing line in order to reduce the pulp content of the juice, and a dearetor can be optionally added in order to further increase the juice shelf life. An essential oil extractor can be also added upstream to the juice extractor. The same plant can be used to process grapefruits, tangerines, lemons and almost any kind of citrus.

flow diagram of a NFC orange juice processing plant

Example: concentrated orange juice processing plant

Concentration allows to greatly decrease the storage and shipping costs of the juice. Concentrated orange juice is directly sold to consumers both frozen or unfrozen, or alternatively it is filled in bag-in-boxes or bag-in-drums for storage and shipping (frozen or unfrozen) and then re-hydrated in reconstitution lines before retail.

flow diagram of a concentrated orange juice processing plant