Banana processing

Washing and peeling

Washing is carried out to remove dust from the surface of the fruits. With an elevator the bananas are fed to a dedicated belt conveyor where bananas are manually peeled.

Bananas are received at the plant
Bananas are fed to the processing line and washed

Mashing and puree refining

Peeled bananas are conveyed to the mono screw pump. Here nitrogen is injected as blanket gas to prevent oxidation. Mashed bananas are fed to the pre-heating scraped surface exchanger for the thermal treatment to increase the action of the following operation of pulping. Treated mashed banana is refined and acidified in continuous to reduce its pH.

Scraped surface heat exchanger
Two JumboCreamers
Deaerator with aromatic condense recovery
Dispersor homogenizer

Sterilization and aseptic filling

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Scraped surfaces heat exchanger
Aseptic filler Aseptica Gemina
Aseptic filler Aseptica Prima
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