Apricot, peach and plum processing

Being a product for transformation into various delicacies (such as juices, yogurt bases, baby foods, ice cream and jam) fruit puree has always been a focus in Bertuzzi’s 80 year-old history.
If apricots or peaches, cherries or plums, there is hardly any application for which Bertuzzi is incapable in offering the right solution to meet its customers’ needs.

Washing and sorting

Three parallel washing basins model InoxAll (background) and sorting lines model Selinox (foreground). This plant is capable of processing up to 42 tons per hour of apricots
In smaller plants fruits are manually fed directly into washing basin model InoxAll


Expeller Maxi is a stoning machine fitted for the treatment of peaches, plums, apricots and cherries. This patented machine has a capacity of up to 18000 kg/h of fresh fruit and it is capable of processing also hard and large fruits without severe losses in yield.
JumboCreamer is used to clean the stones coming from Expeller Maxi in order to recover all possible pulp.

Expeller Maxi (top) and JumboCreamer (bottom)
In this large plant stoning operations are carried out by two Expeller Maxi (second floor) and two JumboCreamers (first floor)
Stones are dried outside the plant

Cold peeling and cooking

For a perfect separation of flesh and juice from peels Bertuzzi is proud of ist highly sophisticated pulper, refiner and turbo extractor Turbomax. The machine can be supplied with inverter suitable to adjust the rotation speed and with an inert gas injection device, for protecting product against oxidation. The same machine is the basis of our cold peeling system.

Turbomax pulper
Peels and fibers after being separated from pulp by Turbomax
Tubular cooker (right)

Puree concentration

Puree can be optionally concentrated. Depending on the final degrees Brix to be reached, it can be concentrated either by our plate evaporator Frumaco or by Luber. Luber is designed to concentrate in a single fast passage either thermo-sensitive liquid or highly viscous products.

Largest evaporator ever supplied by Bertuzzi, model Frumaco. It is part of a plant capable of processing 42 tons per hour of fresh apricots, installed in China during 2004
Frumaco evaporators
Aroma recovery unit

Puree sterilization and filling

Our single-head or double-heads compact aseptic fillers are designed for filling both bags (3-20 liter) and bags-in-drums (200 liter). 1″ filling heads are suitable for filling liquid, dense and viscous products, and even low acid products. 2″ filling heads are suitable for filling products containing pieces.

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Tubular sterilizer
Aseptic filler Aseptica Gemina
Aseptic filler Aseptica Prima
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Drums of fruit puree and juice, ready for shipping

Jam and fruit bases

Fruit puree can be processed to produce jam and fruit bases for yogurt, bakery and ice creams.
Jam production Fruit bases for bakery and yogurt