Machines and complete plants for fruit processing

Bertuzzi designs, manufactures and supplies fruit processing machinery since 1936
fruit processing machinery by Bertuzzi

Our technology

industrial orange juicer CitroEvolution3

Highly specialized machines

Bertuzzi R&D team developed accurate processes for each specific fruit, in order to achieve top product quality and yield for each of them. Our dedicated machines for pulp and juice extraction guarantee accurate peel separation and high productivity, while our pasteurizers, evaporators and sterilizers are finely tuned in order to fully preserve natural aromas and extend shelf life. Researchers took advantage of Bertuzzi internal laboratory for chemical analysis and, nonetheless, of the experience gained in 80 years of activity.

orange juice processing plant

Multi-fruit processing plants

Bertuzzi developed wide experience and know-how in designing and supplying multi-fruit processing plants. By allowing to process multiple classes of fruits, such plants can operate for longer period of time, avoiding seasonal stopovers. Our fruit processing plants meet the most stringent food standard specifications and have a high degree of automation, that substantially reduces operating costs.

workers are taught how to operate some processing equipment

Worldwide supply & services

From feasibility studies to the installation of the whole plant, we can cover your project at any step. The extensive sales network of our parent company, Mazzoni LB, allows us to efficiently operate almost everywhere in the world.

Pre/after sales services


Our latest innovation: CitroEvolution3

Our new industrial orange juicer is capable of processing up to 15.000 oranges per hour, while taking up just one squared meter of space. Suitable for any kind of citrus, from lemon to grapefruit, it produces top quality fresh juice by minimizing the contact between peel and juice.

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About Bertuzzi

Bertuzzi and Mazzoni head offices/workshop, located in Busto Arsizio, Italy

Since its establishing in 1936 by Alberto Bertuzzi, the core business of Bertuzzi Food Processing Srl has always been fruit juice production lines. The R&D team developed innovative technologies for the whole process, from pulp and juice extraction to pasteurization, concentration and filling. And during the years the company has also developed fruit processing equipment for a variety of products other than juice and puree, like jam, fruit bases for yogurt, baby foods, smoothies and vegetable sauces.

Bertuzzi stands out for its advanced fruit processing machines, but also for the extensive know-how in designing flexible multi-fruit processing plants, that can operate for longer periods than standard single-fruit processing plants. During eighty years of activity, the company has supplied more than 1000 fruit processing lines in over 100 countries.

In 2010, Bertuzzi has been acquired by Mazzoni LB Spa, leading manufacturer of soap production machinery, moving its office and workshop to Mazzoni headquarters in Busto Arsizio so to take advantage of the larger organization and manufacturing facilities.